4412B 3-Pk Athletic Boxer Brief


4412B 3-Pack AQ Underwear by Anthony Quintana

Athletic Boxer Brief

Package of 3 pieces
Colors: Teal, Fuschia, Black
Composition: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
Machine wash soft. Do not bleach. Dry in shadow. Do not iron.

4412B  3-Pack AQ Underwear by Anthony Quintana

Want to be the focal point? You can do it with this AQ Anthony Quintana HYBRID sexy, its an Underwear but you can use as a swimwear too! The designer make this pieces using the best and fresh Microfiber for a fast dry, UVB UVA protection, and antibacterial. An European-cut style, the AQ  Hybrid Retro men’s undies offers a body-hung fit  with a contour front pouch to “Enhance your power” Amazing comfort and Style.

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