PP963200 Passion Pack for Him


PP963200 Passion Pack for Him

PP963200 Passion Pack for Him

¡This pack is all you need to power up your passion! - PP963200 Passion Pack for Him

Apply the appropriate cream about 20 minutes prior to sexual activity, and your lover will finally see who the real Man of Steel is!

Choose from four potent formulas:
GLADIATOR (Performance Cream): Conquer all shortcomings and stiffen your sword! Simply massage this cream onto your penis prior to play time to maintain a mighty, powerful erection longer than ever before!
ROCK HARD (Erection Cream):
Perform like a rock star with this erection enhancing cream! Rub it into your penis and your newfound staying power will keep you rockin' all night long!
TIME OUT DELAY (Desensitizing Cream): Keep your bat firm and never strike out again with this body-safe desensitizing cream. Avoid performance letdowns with this powerful formula and soon you'll be going into extra innings!
MR. THICK DICK (Thickening Cream):
Watch your pleasure pole swell with throbbing power when you rub this unique formula onto your shaft. Fulfill your fantasies of a wider girth, and fill your partner up with every thrust!

  • Made in USA
  • PP963200 Passion Pack for Him
  • Pack of 4


Aplicar unos 20 minutos antes de la actividad sexual.

Elegir entre cuatro fórmulas potentes:

GLADIADOR (Crema de rendimiento): Simplemente masajea esta crema sobre su pene antes de jugar a tiempo para mantener una erección potente poderosa.
HARD ROCK (Erection Cream):
Frota en su pene y su recién descubierta capacidad de permanencia mantendrá rockin' toda la noche!
TIME OUT DELAY  (desensibilizante crema): Esta crema desensibilizante ayuda a evitar decepciones en el rendimiento.
MR. THICK DICK (engrosamiento Crema):
Solo frote esta fórmula única en la punta del pene y cumpla todas sus fantasías,

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